Jake Russin profile picture

I am a PhD student studying computational neuroscience and machine learning with Randall O'Reilly in the Computational Cognitive Neuroscience Lab at the University of California, Davis. I have also spent time working at Microsoft Research (Summer 2020) with Paul Smolensky and Roland Fernandez and at MILA (Summer 2018) with Yoshua Bengio and Jason Jo. Before graduate school, I received my B.A. in neuroscience and philosophy from Colorado College. I am from Miami, FL and in my spare time I enjoy playing basketball and reading philosophy.

Research Interests

My interests lie broadly in the intersection of computational neuroscience and machine learning, with a particular focus on: 1) Compositionality, systematicity, and reasoning in neural networks, 2) Neural network models of learning and inference with cognitive maps, 3) Models of human reinforcement learning, with a focus on temporal abstraction, and 4) Biologically plausible models of predictive learning and human vision. I also conduct experiments with human subjects and collaborate with experimental cognitive neuroscientists to study how the human brain can accomplish these cognitive functions.